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The concept for LA MANTUANA was inspired by a South American society that existed in the 18th Century...

...the Mantuanos, an elite group of landowners in Caracas, Venezuela. The noble women of this society, the Mantuanas, were immediately identified by all for their appearance and perfect grace. These women were the only ones in the community allowed to wear a veil at church, the only ones that travelled with an entourage of helpers and they even used to wear tinkling bells under their dresses so people could hear them coming. They were privileged, elegant, extraordinary and indulged.

The vision for LA MANTUANA is to provide the necessary support and advice to help today's woman transform into the most extraordinary version of herself.

Today's Mantuana is unique, confident and chic -turning heads wherever she goes.

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La Mantuana strip 2 copy.png

Patricia Manley is the brains and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi and Music Composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.


Patricia's mission is to inspire and motivate women to become better versions of themselves...

...working with them from the inside out, helping them to reach their full potential and transforming each and every one into a confident and happy person that really shows.

Originally from Venezuela, Patricia came to the UK over a decade ago to learn English but soon fell in love with the country and decided to stay. After 20 long years in corporate IT and travelling the world for work, she realised she wanted to prioritise her family more and launched a lifestyle business that would afford her more freedom.

The biggest outcome of Patricia's decision is having more time to spend with her family as well as more time to fulfil her passion in helping other women follow suit -to find true confidence and happiness through financial freedom and the independence to be whatever they want to be.

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